Calling all outdoor enthusiasts: Our best motorhomes with a garage

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts: Our best motorhomes with a garage


If you enjoy spending your time in the wild indulging in outdoor activities such as cycling, kayaking or surfboarding, then a motorhome with a garage could be just the thing for you. Owning one will mean the ability to store and transport the equipment you'll need for your activity without cramping the interior of your motorhome. There are additional advantages to investing in motorhomes with a garage – and in this edition of our blog we'll explore them before highlighting a great model that excels in meeting your needs.


What are the benefits of a motorhome with a garage?



Depending on the model you choose and the size of the garage, a motorhome garage enables you to store and transport a diverse range of outdoor equipment and vehicles, such as bikes and scooters. This ensures you can bring along everything needed for a weekend or a couple of weeks of outdoor enjoyment without the need for a trailer and without trying to squeeze everything into the living quarters.



Motorhome garages maximise the interior space of the motorhome, eliminating the need to navigate a paddleboard to get to your coffee. The garage often serves as a multi-purpose space, allowing you to store several items that might otherwise clutter the motorhome's interior when left in there (such as toolboxes, shoes, raincoats, etc).



A motorhome with a garage offers you quick and convenient access to your belongings. You won't have the hassle of securing equipment to racks on the exterior of the motorhome, loading and unloading from trailers or, as mentioned above, trying to squeeze large items out of a small door!



A motorhome garage ensures that your valuable and precious items are stored securely. With locks and secure latches, theft becomes nearly impossible, providing confidence in the safety of your gear during travel or when your motorhome is parked and unattended.



A significant benefit of a motorhome garage is that bikes and kayaks (etc) are sheltered during your travels, protecting them from the elements. This safeguards your equipment's longevity as exposure to rain, sun, and wind could impact its condition.



Motorhomes with garages tend to retain their value well in the resale market. They are consistently in demand as drivers recognise the advantages of having ample storage space, making them popular among outdoor enthusiasts.


A great family motorhome with a garage


Zefiro 675

The revamped Zefiro 675, from Roller Team motorhomes, features bunk beds and a combination of fixed and convertible beds to accommodate up to six people – so it’s perfect for a family, or travelling groups of friends. The bottom bunk can be transformed into a spacious garage, which provides passengers with a more than enough additional storage. The layout also allows interior space for quality socialising and relaxation.


Whether you're planning on surfing some waves off the coast of Cornwall or cycling through the beautiful countryside of Scotland, the Zefiro 675 gives you the welcome opportunity to transport all your gear. Additionally, this Roller Team Zefiro boasts a licence-friendly maximum gross weight of only 3500KG, allowing it to be driven by any licence holder with no restrictions.



If your holiday’s outdoor activities are just as important to you as time spent in your motorhome, then the perfect balance can be offered by a motorhome with a garage. The Roller Team’s Auto Roller Zefiro 675 is a great start to browsing for a quality vehicle with garage, and there are plenty of others to choose from on our website. Here at Continental we can help you find exactly the right motorhome with a garage to suit your requirements.

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