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What Is The Best Motorhome To Buy Second-Hand?

What Is The Best Motorhome To Buy Second-Hand?


There’s no doubting that buying a pre-owned motorhome can be a really wise move. You will benefit from the possibilities to stretch your budget that doing so allows. That’s because the motorhomes ‘within your grasp’ financially are likely to be of a higher specification than those you could afford if you bought from new. 

Here at Continental we stock many ‘pre-loved’ motorhomes, and all of them have plenty to offer potential buyers. In this edition of our blog we’re going to focus in on one or two of our favourite brands and explain why we think they are more than worthy of your attention – and your money, whether you are buying from new or opting for pre-owned! Before we do that, we’re going to offer an overview of the whole happy concept of buying a pre-owned motorhome.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Pre-Owned Motorhome

Though it is broadly similar to buying from new, there are things you should consider extra benefits when you’re in the process of buying a pre-owned motorhome. 

  1. More For Less: When you buy a used motorhome it is exactly that – used. However, this doesn’t mean that it is undesirable and shabby. It’s not as if you are buying something from a dank church jumble sale in the 1970s. Although some people thrive on the concept of owning things from brand new, to most people ‘new to you’ is good enough.

Pre-owned motorhomes will almost certainly have been incredibly well looked after. Nobody shells out that magnitude of cash on a new motorhome to then ‘trash it’ by not looking after it and paying it the care and attention the spend merits. Pre-owned. Motorhomes tend to have been cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, and the vehicle’s full service history and paperwork will be intact. 

In addition, you will probably get more for less. In other words, there could be extra features and dealer packs which were added in to the original purchase, which are now included in the total price you pay for the used vehicle. These packs tend to be things like additional media capability, a motorhome specific sat nav system, reversing cameras, higher quality fridges or cookers, bike racks - and so on. In effect you’ll get all of this extra value for ‘free’.

Buying a motorhome (whether new or pre-owned) does mean you’ll be making an initial outgoing (though you might be eligible for some sort of finance arrangement if the dealership offers this facility). At the point when (if) you decide that the out-and-about life is no longer for you and it’s time to sell your motorhome on, then if you have paid it due care and attention, it will probably have retained a respectable proportion of its value.

  1. Freedom: This great benefit stands for either new or used motorhomes, to be honest. The sense of freedom, of being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it, is beyond compare. You can literally go off on a weekend break at almost a moment’s notice – or certainly with very little planning in advance. Once you’re out on the road and enjoying yourself you can also ‘up sticks’ and move on to a new location if the appeal of the one you’ve arrived at begins to pale.

The other connotation of ‘freedom’ is that you are free to have more short breaks and holidays than you otherwise might. In fact, because you’ve spent money on the motorhome you’re more likely to want to ‘get your money’s worth’ and use it often. In doing so you’ll get to explore, and you’ll get to do so regularly.

A Couple Of Our Favourite Brands

  1. Auto-Trail: Manufactured since the 1980s, Auto-Trail motorhomes now proudly sit amongst the most popular in the country. It’s not difficult to see why. With decades of experience behind each model, these vehicles combine engineering excellence and quality interior design.
  2. Bailey: Based out of Bristol and in operation since the late 1940s, family-run Bailey is a company which consistently produces top-notch leisure vehicles. Their models provide you with convenience and comfort as you head off on the road to explore.

You can browse our website to see what pre-owned motorhomes we have in stock – currently including a Bailey Advance 635 (two berth, great for couples looking to get away) and an Auto-Trail Tracker RB (four berth, great for couples and guests or small families). Please do bear in mind, though, that pre-owned motorhomes are popular and don’t remain available for too long. Nobody can resist great value!

You can also find brand new motorhomes at our website. If you have any queries about the motorhome lifestyle or about any of the vehicles we currently have in stock, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!


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