Greetings from Derby

Anne-Marie & Barbara - Derby

We thought we would take a moment before we throw ourselves back into our work to say thank you.

We arrived in Wales tired and with just a little trepidation to swap our much loved McLouis Glen for a new Autotrail Mohawk. We were concerned about how the handover might be managed and how efficiently we could swap our vehicle loads from one vehicle to the other with minimal stress.

We need not have been anxious or concerned at all. We were met by Ron and Mark, directed to where we could park, escorted gently into an office and provided with copious amounts of tea as the “official” business was conducted smoothly with congenial conversation and an explanation of what would happen next.

We were then guided to our Mohawk and provided with further tea and chocolate biscuits whilst we slowly looked around alone as we waited for John to give us a handover. John was patient, humorous and kind, he was professional and explained in detail the functions new to us but appropriately respectful of the knowledge we already had a quality we rarely experience as two women.

I raised concerns about how we were going to secure the two bicycles several times during our conversation and he assured me it would be taken care of after the handover.  We wrote copious notes during the handover, in the event insufficient for understanding the heating and satellite but not through any lack of explanation on John’s part.

Time was marching on and we were still concerned about securing the bikes and also “swapping” the load over. Steve and John sat with me in the boot with the bicycles and listened to how we wanted to utilise them, listened to my suggestions and after much discussion then proceeded to secure the bikes with part of a cycle rack consulting us any time it might impact the aesthetics of the vehicle, we found them to be receptive to suggestions and respectful of our needs, a credit to your company.

Whilst the bicycles were being “sorted” Barbara and I switched the loads supported by copious amounts of tea from Mark.

I drove off with a lot of vehicle in an unfamiliar area to find a campsite you had booked us into with assurances it was excellent. Well you were absolutely right Riverview campsite and the deputy wardens were marvellous and could not have been more welcoming. They “fitted us in” to a full campsite, moving us to a pitch as soon as it was feasible. They found us a taller levelling wedge; ours were too short for the angle and checked on us so regularly we felt part of the family. A truly remarkable pair and the site was all you said it was.

The first evening was bit hair raising, we were tired, hungry and irritable because we could not remember everything John had told us. Our first night was without heating or satellite! The heating controls are like the Starship Enterprise in complexity and a handover earlier in the day should have been our plan, not after a long journey, ah well hindsight and all that.

We telephoned CLV at 0900hrs next day and drove straight there for our second lesson. John was patient and allowed us to learn in our own way and I can now fly the Starship enterprise and work the heating on our new Mohawk whilst Barbara is a whiz at the six remote controls that support the entertainment system.

We both think all your staff are a credit to the company. Thank you for the flowers.

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