Days Motorhomes

Not yet ready to buy a motorhome? or just want to experience a motorhome before taking the plunge?

Why not hire one from Day's Motorhome Hire?

Day’s Motorhomes offers a selection of economic and pet-friendly camper vans, perfect for couples and groups of friends and family interested in fishing, cycling, hiking, exploring, music events or relaxing on the beach.

Their range of models are available for varying group sizes and provide flexible space arrangements. In Swansea, South Wales, the Day’s Motorhomes team is on hand to advise you on the most suitable motor caravan for your self-drive holiday.

Whether you’re behind the wheel enjoying no time constraints or in the habitation area to socialise, cook, bathe and sleep, Day's range of camper vans perfectly balance private areas with social spaces.

Plus you get the added advantage that after enjoying your motorhome adventure you can then purchase a motorhome from ourselves and whether you decide to buy a new or pre-loved motorhome we will then reimburse* you the hire costs off the price of the motorhome saving you even more money.

Click here to visit Days Motorhome Hire website

 *Subject to purchase made within 3 months of hire and excludes discounted/sale price motorhomes

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