Cobra Alarm System

Cobra is the supplier of many of the world’s most advanced standard fit vehicle security systems. Our anti-theft systems are designed and manufactured in Italy at our own state of the art production facilities, exceeding the stringent requirements of the major vehicle manufacturers and the strictest European quality standards. 

Cobra vehicle alarms and immobilisers are Thatcham approved and recognised by the UK’s major insurers, who may offer a reduced insurance group rating or premium discount.

Cobra UK has recently launched a range of new high tech wireless alarms that reduce fitting times and drive down security costs for new and used cars and light commercials. Cobra offers a comprehensive portfolio of vehicle security solutions with an extensive range of programmable features.

The new Thatcham CAT 2-1 accredited 4600 series of alarms employs technology that links the alarm’s central unit and the siren via a wireless connection.

A major benefit of wireless technology is that fitting times are reduced by around 30 minutes. A secondary benefit is that the alarm installation doesn’t interfere with the
integrity of the vehicle as no holes are drilled in the vehicle’s bulkhead.

New Cobra 4600 Series Wireless Alarms

The 4600 series is available with or without remote control arming/disarming and standard features include a built-in immobiliser, passive arming, perimetric protection of the boot, doors and bonnet, built-in ultrasonics and an antihijack facility.

The 4600 range can be sourced through Cobra’s nationwide dealer network and, in line with the rest of the Cobra alarm range, comes with a 3 year parts warranty.


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